HH presents Ju’s 40th anniversary with The Brums / Fence / Swar

Honest House


Our HH fellow psychonaut Ju turns 40 : let’s celebrate him with indie music !

20.00 – Doors and welcome drink
20.45 – SWAR
Young and yet legendary three-piece form Andenne. They have it all: the rage, the talent, and the creativity which allow them to reach heights as high as Shellac, Blonde Redhead or Don Caballero. They have just recorded a bunch of songs at Block Bunker with maestro Gil Kokelmans!
21.45 – FENCE
Fence will be defending their excellent Hazy Mist of Rock, released on FONS records in 2022,
a fantastic album that will plant you in a convertible – elbow over the door. sunglasses set – cruising down Highway 101 through Californ-I-A.
23.00 – THE BRUMS
This atypical brass band gets its roots in electronic music, abstract hip hop and avant-gardiste jazz. Truly hyperactive, the three multitask musicians became a must see in the Belgian musical landscape. With them, acoustic meets electronic (analog synth, fx), freedom and energy embrace a serious groove in their songs composed for three brass players and a drummer. Their first album ‘No Encore’ was released in 2021 on Luik Music, and they are back with a new track ‘Pastels’ this May 2023. New songs have just been recorded in the Wood Studio in September 2023.
Mythical Piet Constant will remind us of the endless nights spent à l’Escalier Huy/Liege back in the days. One thing is sure: he will rock the Casbah!

Tickets: 12,50€ (presale) / 15€