HH presents MMUURR / Castus / Six Hands / The Sequoyah Sextape

Honest House


HH presents a multiple release party evening with:

3 pieces band from Liège, Belgium. With ex-members from Frank Shinobi, Casse Brique, Mambo, El dinah, Coastline Truckers, ICI, Roland Garros.

They will present a brand new first album recorded and mixed at Koko studio !


Now converted into a power trio, Castus still mesmerizes their audience with endless guitar loops and rhythmic jerks.
Brilliant is their play; playful is their approach; hypnotic is their effect.

They will be presenting a new album released on the great Gnignignignigni record label!


Imagine a place where boy bands and niche music fans come together in a colorful and relentless get-down. Somehow boundaries and limitations of style and dogma no longer matter.

Words are swallowed forever because they would only be unnecessary ornaments. Tingling guitar noodles, thundering and inventive bass sounds and playful yet skilled and adventurous drumparts start to coincide in weirdly agreeable ways.

The mixture of complex yet danceable tunes tickles your brain and inadvertently makes you move your feet as if you have finally and definitely lost control.

That place is near, that time is now, with solid math pop-incarnation straight from the sandy dunes and pine woods of northeastern Belgium, otherwise, formerly and presently known as Six Hands.
After releasing their first LP JXTA the band built up a steady live foundation with highlights at Rock Herk, Pukkelpop, Absolutely Free Festival, We Are Open (Trix) and three UK tours alongside British counterparts a-tota-so, thus spawning the split 10”” record Bromance EP. New record Frames will be released on FONS records in October 2023.


The orginal Sequoyah Sextape was recovered in the late 1970’s in OHIO, USA. Behind this name lies a forest of giant Sequoia trees surrounding individuals in the throes of orgiac passion.
Caught on tape by some filmmaker named F. Malsano, it soon sparked intense fascination in those who watched it.
The beauty of it all was translated into music by four guys from Liege. They are The Sequoyah Sextape.

Pre-sale: 12,5€ / D-day: 15€
Tickets: https://my.weezevent.com/mmuurr-release-party