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GNOOMES (Russia – Rocket Recordings)

Gnoomes, the Russian outfit who blend a potent mix of psychedelic stargaze, kraut techno and kosmiche pop return with a brand new album, MU!, their third for Rocket Recordings.

Since the release of their last album Tschak! the three piece has turned into a quartet with synth player Masha Piankova joining the band. And it was the success of their tours in the UK and Europe that subconsciously created a template and tone for where the band would go next with this new album; to capture that surging drive and throbbing assault of their pulverising live shows.

Whilst the glacial electronics and coldwave tendencies that soaked much of their previous album may be more absent here, this record pulses with an electronic tinge that bubbles more subtly under the surface of immersive guitars

The title Mu! has Japanese origins and comes from Zen Buddhism – something Sasha began to practice during past trying times – meaning both “no” and “nothingness” and the understanding that the acceptance of this concept can lead to enlightenment. “For me personally it’s a spiritual record,” he says.

Although any sonic warbles of new age blandness couldn’t be further from the end results here. This is a cleansing record, no doubt, but one that washes over you with both brutal force and deft subtleness. With the completion of this album, it also wraps up a trio of records all connected via punctuation – Ngan! Tschak! Mu! – but with one each distinct in its own tone and sense of evolution.

Go March (BE – Mogwai meets Kraftwerk)

Antwerp’s critically acclaimed Go March is an exciting blend of electronics, rock and ambient passages, the trio have gained prominence of late with their futuristic propulsions and has led to their music being described as Mogwai meets Kraftwerk.

The band’s self-titled debut album released in 2015, made many in the electronic music world stand up and take note including Thump who said on the band’s debut single ‘Rise’, “You might not know a huge amount about Belgian cosmic rockers Go March but hopefully that’s set to change when you get your hands on their new single, a real motherchugger of a space-rock monster.” The single also received plays on Steven Lamacq’s BBC Radio 6 and Zane Lowe’s Beats 1 radio shows.

Across ‘II’, abstruse melodies merge with synthesised pulses and shuffling poly-rhythms, that evolve throughout each track. New single ‘Chop Chop’, clocking in at a cool 9 minutes in length, is an explosive blend of psychedelic, electronic synth rock that makes for an entrancing experience, much like the rest of the album. “’Chop Chop’ was a bit alien, it started with an old drum machine I had that was bigger than a computer,” recalls Go March’s guitar wizard Philipp Weies. “I ran it through this filter and it went on for seven minutes, it got crazier and crazier and more distorted. Then our keyboardist, Hans, he found this sound, made it way faster, and we thought ‘whoa’ – then we had to keep up with the tempo.”

The modular electronics and subtle sounds of ‘Leopolderson’ offer a slight reprise from the thunderous ‘Chop Chop’, while tracks likes ‘Meristem’ hint towards the proto-techno artists such as Manuel Göttsching and Giorgio Moroder who are obviously a clear influence of the band.

Go March provide minimalist grooves and haunting tones on ‘Zabriskie and ‘Kalmar’ and then the listener is propelled into a state of trance once more with the hypnotic sounds and pulsating rhythms of ‘Bark’, that bounds along at relentless pace.

Go March have performed shows across Europe and Asia including Benelux, UK, France, Germany, Sweden, Italy, Czech Republic and Japan. They have supported such acts as Holy Fuck, Maserati, Trans Am, Föllakzoid and Millionaire.

The trio have received the remix treatment from the likes of Psychemagik, Shigeto, Peaking Lights and Dreams.

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