Excursion invites Bjeor (Horst)



Excursion is coming back to Kultura this friday march 22th!

For this edition, we invited Bjeor from Horst festival!
Bjeor is an absolute stronghold in the Belgian house scene. Firmly rooted in nightlife hotbed Brussels, he’s right in the centre of the action. Having proven himself over and over to be a skillfull and versatile artist, Bjeor plays soaring warm-ups, ecstatic peak time sets and hazy after hours. Besides setting dancefloors on fire, Bjeor has been heavily involved in the production of Horst: unarguably Belgian’s most innovative, genre busting nightlife initiative, combining a festival, an exhibition, a nightclub and co-creating ateliers. As a co-founder of nightclub nacht (STELPLAATS, Leuven) he has paved the way for the next generation – showing young ones the ropes in organising events!


Bjeor (Horst/Nacht)
Karla Böhm (Planet/Sous:Sol)
Larson (Hi Scores)

Doors : 11pm / 10€ – 12€
Main Room
Venue: Rue Roture, 13 | 4020 Liège


LGBTQIA+ friendly
No form of violence, racism, sexism or any other form of discrimination has any place at Kultura. Do not hesitate to report any problems to the staff.