Drum N Babes : First Edition

Drum N Babes


[Drum n Babes 1st edition]
After months of cooking in its chrysalis drum n babes is out in bloom for its first edition!
Drum and babes came from our love for UK garage and breakbeat genres.
With the distinct percussives of jungle and the big tight booms of grime.
We wanted to offer a space for all those sounds in Liège, Belgium and share it with all of you, dancers, DJs, music lovers.
4 DJs
22h30-00h: @bbfat3000
00h-01h00: @lauravioli__
01h-02h30: @hyalyte
02h30-04h: @koma_music_
We wanted to make a lineup that gives you dancers a lil bit of everything. So we chose artists that mean alot to us musically. Hyalyte to bring you UKG with rush-to-the-dancefloor hooks and riffs, and Koma coming through with OG junglist breaks that will

make you stay there. And we can’t wait to see you all in February <3

3 Février 2024
22h30 – 04h00


Cash only