** DARK MOON presents**

THE MARS MODEL / Goth-Rock (be)
brings listeners a fully-formed outspoken vision that presented a variety of attractive power, dramatic swells and energetic, explosive riffing.
The style « could » be described as postpunk or dark wave or goth metal…then again it’s just a name and description, the band pushes the limits on stage and has been surprising friend and foe since their early stages and wants the spectator to judge.
THE MARS MODEL just released the brand new album ‘Primal Urge’ (LP/CD)

-> https://themarsmodel.bigcartel.com/

PARTIKUL / Minimal-Wave (be)
In the eighties Belgium was one of the leading countries in the field of electro with bands such as Front 242, The Klinik, Vomito Negro… Today it is still the case. The Brussels band Partikul is one of the standard bearers of the contemporary electro scene. Since 2019, Aly and Stef have been making dark electro influenced by Lydia Lunch, Boy Harsher, Tuxedomoon, Nitzer Ebb, The Smiths, Moon Duo and The Soft Moon…

-> https://exitdoesnotexistrecords.bandcamp.com/
-> https://www.youtube.com/c/Partikulband

FAUST PROJECT / Post-Punk (be)
is the solo project of Manu Gillard from Arlon. As a « survivor » of the Belgian underground scene of the 90s, after more than 20 years in the band including touring all over Europe, it was time to go his own way and use this strong band experience to create his own uncompromising universe . Post-punk meets dark wave with shoegaze elements for fans of bands like Suicide or The Soft Moon. The new album « The future comes on sleeping pills » has just been released.

-> https://faustproject.bandcamp.com/

Kultur A Petite salle // Entrance : 10 euros ** ONLY CA$H**