Dark Cube #14 – Embrace the wave

Dark Cube


Dark Cube ®
Underground Techno Events
Hard Techno / Indus / Acid / Neorave

Some more hard techno is coming your way because it’s never too much, right guys ?! ?

All your senses will be boiling again and blasted away by your favorite music in our company at your favorite event ! ??

Come as you are, let yourself go with the sound, embrace the wave that spreads through the room, through your body, and enjoy the night ! ?

You know what to expect with Dark Cube. We don’t need to convince you anymore. You know you will remember your night with us ! ??



To be revealed soon…

Vjing by Mike Latona


KulturA. – Main Room
Cash at the doors – Card at the bar
Zero tolerance for discrimination or violence