Callahan & Witscher / Bear Bones, Lay Low


? CALLAHAN & WITSCHER (us, live)

?Boomkat :
Jack Callahan (die Reihe) and Jeff Witscher (Rene Hell) sneer out a throwback sleaze rawk anthem, drafting in Ana Roxanne for an angelic guest verse.

‘Hate the Player’ is the first taste of Callahan & Witscher’s vaunted pop album, and heckles the hecklers before they can even get started. Over an unsullied sample pack break, they construct an ode to late-’90s/early-’00s trip-pop, the kinda gear Death in Vegas used to crank out, with Brooklyn tongue in Brooklyn cheek. It’s a far cry from the duo’s manic, plunderphonic gear, but somehow makes perfect sense, and when Ana Roxanne takes the reins, it’s game over for u cynical fools.

?American musicians Jeff Witscher and Jack Callahan are known for their far-ranging work under various monikers and deep individual histories within noise, computer music, and new music circles. Joining forces to helm new music and contemporary composition label FLEA, the duo has recently produced a series of beguiling and forward-thinking compositions including The Past, Present And Future Of Experimental Music (Uncut GRM), Stockhausen Syndrome, and ISSUES (What Happens on Earth Stays on Earth), as well as video works and curatorial projects. Their collaborative work often experiments with transparent composition systems and the limits of our current music technology, sharing sensibilities with radio art, A.A. meetings, group therapy sessions, formatlist and fluxus generative poetry experiments, and Q&A formats. They probe into the purpose and meaning of experimental music and showcase tensions inherent to the communication of ideas—exploring what music can be in a world where almost everything is reduced to signals and information. Together, their alliance charts a path for truly avant-garde music in the 21st century. (Nick James Scavo)


?BEAR BONES, LAY LOW (be, live)

Hailing from Venezuela and based in Belgium since 2003, Bear Bones, Lay Low is the moniker Ernesto González uses to explore shifting psychedelic moods in electronic sound. Active since a teenager in the Belgian noise underground, González’s music has evolved from spontaneous bedroom noise/drone jams to colorful synthesizer tunes where library-esque vibes meet entrancing rhythms, dubby use of effects and plenty of freak outs. He has also been part of psychedelic jam band Silvester Anfang / Sylvester Anfang II since 2006 and is involved in numerous projects including Tav Exotic, a beat driven electronic duo with fellow synth tripper Weird Dust. Having released music in various formats and labels such as Sloow Tapes, Troglosound, Full Of Nothing and KRAAK, Bear Bones, Lay Low takes you on an energetic trip through the most warped zones of the cartoon world hidden in your mind! (Meakusma)

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